Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Picture

I have been trying to capture the perfect Christmas picture. Now I know that I have a very cute subject to work with but this seemingly easy task has become rather difficult. First of all, I have to dress him in holiday appropriate clothing. Easy enough, right? soon as he is dressed, he spits up on his clothing. Thus the spit up spots on his collar, sleeve, vest, pants, etc. After getting over the fact that he will more than likely have a wet spot somewhere on his clothing I am left with the next big obstacle. Mason won't smile for the camera. He smiles for me all day long! I get the sweetest gummy grins when I least expect them. However, put a camera in front of him and he stares at it like it is about to attack him. I put the camera down, get him to smile, pick the camera back up and I see his fearful stare. We do have a few pictures to choose from, I am just trying to capture that sweet look that I see so many times a day. The smile that only makes you smile in return. Wish me luck, tomorrow I will start again!
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leigh anna said...

too funny
before long he will be smiling and saying i wanna see .... every time he sees a camera

for now, i guess you need to get some pictures of him when he doesn't realize it....but that is way easier said that done! :)

on another note
when you do the picture pile collage, you can move them around, and manipulate them (size orientation, etc) so they will not be on top of any others....

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Too cute! If you look at the picture on the lower right (in reindeer vest, he's looking up a little) it could easily be YOU at the very same age!!