Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Having a GRAND Time

Mason is such a lucky little boy...not only is he the first grandchild on both sides but both sets of grandparents live only two hours away. He is already the light of their lives. They have all managed to come and spend some snuggle time with him every week since he arrived five weeks ago. This week will be no exception. We know that with grandparents come a little extra attention and probably a little spoiling. Mason more than likely will twist an arm to two in order to hear one more book at bedtime... only to manage to extend that bedtime beyond what is normal. He will eat breakfast cereal that he doesn't eat at home. I am sure that Mason will convince all grandparents to buy him something that we told him he didn't need. But what Mason doesn't know, that he will soon come to learn, is that he couldn't be any luckier. He has four of the best grandparents a little boy could ask for. Mason will learn wonderful life lessons. He will learn what it means to be a good person by the example they not only have set for us, but also the example they will teach him.

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Awww... now you've brought a Granny to tears. I can't help but feel that WE'RE the lucky ones. Love you!!